Easy Ways to Compare Auto Insurance

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Easy Ways to Compare Auto Insurance

Easy Ways to Compare Auto Insurance! Car insurance is a protection for cars obtained by paying a certain amount of premium. Having insurance means you move the risk to the insurance company so if you experience car damage due to an accident. The cost of repairing your car will be borne by the insurance (depending on the type of insurance you take).

This is of course very important if you live in a city that is mandatory for the population, especially Jakarta because the number of vehicles passing by is very crowded. We have never expected to be involved in an accident or car accident but whose name is who knows. Compare auto insurance that will really help you in this matter.

The heavy traffic of big cities and the high rate of accidents while driving, have encouraged you to think about the need to have protection? Besides the soul, your vehicle needs to be protected by having car insurance. Unfortunately, not many people understand the importance of having car insurance. Even though the car you have is a new car or used car, you should still provide protection by having car insurance.

Some consumers who have just bought a car, are often reluctant to register their car with the insurance company. Though car insurance itself is very safe and will protect your car from interference or threats while driving. If you have car insurance then driving will feel safer and more comfortable without fear of unwanted things. Because car insurance guarantees protection for your car when something bad happens to the car.

Not only private cars, but public vehicles usually also join car insurance. Likewise, with an office car, the company certainly does not want to lose. When something happens like an accident, damage, or loss.

Car insurance is insurance for owners of private cars or public cars, to protect their cars from dangerous threats such as damage, accidents, to car theft. In addition, car insurance is usually also legally responsible for third parties or passengers, natural disasters, to riots.

How Easy Ways to Compare Auto Insurance?

Type of Car Insurance

As a car owner, you can compare car insurance from two types of car protection offered by insurance companies, namely:

All Risk Car Insurance

This type of car insurance is called comprehensive or whole. This means that insurance will pay claims for all types of damage. Starting from light damage, heavy, to losing a vehicle.

Lost Only (TLO) Total Insurance

The type of vehicle insurance coverage that guarantees the loss if the vehicle has an accident with damage above 75% such as a burning vehicle, lost due to being stolen and forced seizure.

Comparison of car insurance, of course, has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of them is a different payment fee. Because the benefits are more, the cost of all risk car insurance premiums is more expensive when compared to the cost of insurance premiums, totally lost only.

Comparison of Used Car Insurance and New Cars

When buying a new or used car, you certainly have thought about how to care and protect it. Having car insurance is one way to protect the car from high damage costs. The fee will be borne by the insurance. So whether it’s a new or used car, you should have car insurance.

Usually used car insurance premiums are more expensive when compared to new car insurance. This is because the age of the car is elder, so it requires more repair costs or risks losing. Because used cars are more often targeted by thieves because they are easy to sell.

If you decide to buy a used car, you should choose the type of All Risk car insurance compared to TLO. But you should do a comparison when choosing used car insurance. There are several things you need to look at when comparing used car insurance.

That is the price and age of the car, the car insurance policy of the previous car owner is usually not transferable (behind the name). Submission of the sum insured above the market price to obtain an insured value that is greater (over insured) or insurance value below the market price (underinsured).

One of the benefits of car insurance is to reduce the cost of car repair. However, what should you do when your car insurance claim cannot be disbursed? Usually, your car insurance claim is refused because it does not carry out a clear insurance claim procedure.

How are the rules of the car insurance policy?

Instead, read the rules on the car insurance policy and understand. Because the insurer has a clear way so that claims can be disbursed. Instead of panicking, calm down immediately and do this so that your car insurance claim is immediately liquid.

Report immediately

Contact car insurance by telephone no later than 3 × 24 hours after the incident. Tell the chronology and don’t lie. A hoax will be “smelled” by a car insurance company which can actually make car insurance claims refused.

Photo of Car Condition

Immediately document the condition of the car from various angles. Especially if the car is severely damaged. This documentation can be proof that you actually had an accident.

Complete the file

If the car is missing, of course making a loss report takes longer. In order not to go back and forth because the file is incomplete, for car insurance claims, make sure you bring this document:
The insurance claim form that has been completed in full, including the chronology of the incident.

Policy data

  • Photocopy of KTP, SIM, and STNK.
  • The identity of other drivers involved in the incident.
  • A telephone number that can be contacted for purposes as a witness.
  • Letter of loss from the police (in case of loss).

Understand the Claim Process

This step can be used as a reference for calculating the time when the claim process can be liquid. Especially if your file is complete, the claim will normally be disbursed within 2 weeks of the file entering the car insurance company.

  • Claim submission.
  • Claim notification.
  • Claim survey.
  • Inventory of claim documents.
  • Submission of claim documents to the adjuster.
  • Claim adjustments by adjusters.
  • Claim approval.
  • Claim settlement or payment process.

What are the car insurance terms and conditions?

Whether used car insurance or a new car, try to learn the following terms and conditions so that your car insurance claim is not rejected. Conduct traffic violations such as breaking through red lights, against directions, etc. when the incident takes place.

Proven to be under the influence of liquor, drugs, or the like when driving a car.
The SIM validity period has expired. The validity period of the policy has exceeded the specified grace period, while the insurance company has sent a previous renewal notice.

Breakthrough stagnant water or floods which cause damage to the engine. Modify or replace technical components of vehicles such as engines, turbochargers, etc. without approval or validation in the policy. Loss of goods or cars due to being handed over to valet parking (unless your policy is equipped with a related clause).

Have two different vehicle insurance policies for one object. Enter the embezzlement category to process claims for vehicle loss. Taking all risk insurance guarantees all risks. Please note that the guarantee coverage is adjusted to the initial agreement. Hopefully, this article about comparing auto insurance is useful


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